Zhou Jie




Zhou Jie  1上海



Professional direction

Securities market, financial capital


Educational background

Master of Laws, East China University of Political Science and Law

Bachelor of West China University of Medical Sciences


Work experience

Mr. Zhou Jie has been focusing on corporate listing and financing legal services, and has achieved remarkable results in the share-trading reform of listed companies, initial public offerings and listings, project financing, and listing services of the National SME Share Transfer System (New Third Edition). Mr. Zhou serves as perennial legal counsel for more than 20 companies and represents about 50 civil and commercial cases each year, of which about 10%-20% are complex cases. He has accumulated rich experience in both litigation and non-litigation fields.

Mr. Zhou has extensive experience in the field of dispute resolution. The cases represented include:

Represented Zhang in an arbitration case against a securities company limited by shares with a litigation subject matter of 60 million;

Represented a securities company against a Shanghai Supply Chain company, with a litigation subject matter of 60 million;
Represented a Suzhou Hengkang Investment Center in an arbitration case against a pharmaceutical group, with a litigation subject matter of 32 million yuan;
Represented an investment group limited company in an arbitration case against a Chongqing New Energy company, with a litigation subject matter of USD 3.97 million;
Represented a Shanghai Feed company against a Hangzhou Agricultural Development company, with a litigation subject matter of 30 million;
Represented a China National Engineering Institute International Engineering company against a central state-owned construction enterprise in a construction project contract dispute case, with a litigation subject matter of 8 million;
Represented an international engineering company against an Energy Technology company in a dispute over a construction project contract, with a litigation object of 19 million;

Lawyer Zhou’s representative performance in the non-litigation field includes: Xi’an Jiebang Technology Co., Ltd. New Third Board listing project; National Shanghai New Drug Safety Evaluation and Research Center Project Restructuring and Cancellation Project; Xi’an Jiebang Annual Shareholders Meeting Witness Project; Yingfeng (Shanghai) Investment Management The major event change project of the private equity fund manager of the limited company; the free transfer project of 133 rural power enterprises under the Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd.; the equity transfer project of the Sinopharm Group Chuankang Pharmaceutical.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification


Working language

Chinese, English