Chen Nanshan




Chen Nanshan  1Beijing

Senior partner


Professional direction

Real estate engineering, arbitration and litigation


Educational background

Master of law, Peking University


Work experience

1. Providing perennial or special legal advisory services to more than 50 top domestic construction engineering and real estate companies.

2. Mr. Chen has extensive experience in the field of land investment and development. He has provided full legal support for more than 30 primary land development, urban renewal and renovation, shed renovation, old renovation, urban village renovation and comprehensive development projects, and has solid real estate Legal professional foundation.

The service projects include: Wujiaba land development project in Kunming, Yunnan; Erdos price-limited commercial housing project, Fangshan ecological valley comprehensive development project in Beijing; haiyanshan six banner tourism and Cultural Park project in Zhejiang; yangtianhu urban comprehensive development project in Zhaoshan, Hunan; new village reconstruction project in Changping District, Beijing, tangguwan new town comprehensive development project in Tianjin; Gegu comprehensive development project, Tianjin; Nanchang shanty renovation projects,Wuxi.

3. More than 80 financial investment, acquisition and other projects have been provided, with rich experience in project legal due diligence. The service items include: establishing Gansu Beixian fund project, Gansu Lianghui fund project, Qinghai transportation industry fund project, Hangzhou Qingshanhu equity acquisition project, Hefei Intangible Cultural Heritage Park equity acquisition project, Jinan Zhongrong assets acquisition project, Beijing Shunyi Shunxin construction in progress acquisition project, Zhengzhou Hefu village and city reconstruction acquisition project And so on.

4. With rich experience in PPP projects, it has provided special legal services for more than 80 PPP projects, including preliminary business negotiation, transaction framework design, financing and guarantee structure, contract text preparation, legal opinions, etc., involving many types such as characteristic towns, rail transit, infrastructure, environmental governance, bridges and highways, utility corridors, sponge cities, etc. Service projects include: Tianjin Jinnan gegu town urban comprehensive development PPP project, Beijing Urban Sub Center Environmental Governance (north area) PPP project, Changsha underground utility tunnel pilot construction PPP project, Shenyang Hunnan town new urbanization PPP project, Harbin Rail Transit Line 2 PPP project, Chengdu Wuhou District infrastructure and supporting construction PPP project, Beijing Yanqing District shed transformation PPP project The project includes the PPP project of comprehensive water environment treatment of Wuyuan River in Haikou City, the PPP project of Hongyan village bridge and tunnel in Chongqing City, the PPP project of 21 roads including Qiuhai Avenue in Haikou City, the PPP project of underground utility tunnel in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, and the PPP project of sponge City pilot area in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province.

5. He is good at dealing with complicated and difficult construction engineering disputes, and has accumulated rich professional experience in the field of real estate engineering litigation. The main litigation cases are: the construction contract dispute case of ABB low voltage electrical equipment production base in Beijing (the amount of litigation object is about 40 million yuan), the construction contract dispute case of Haisheng Jindi garden in Beijing (the amount of litigation object is about 40 million yuan), the construction contract dispute case of tangcao Expressway in Hebei (the amount of litigation object is about 150 million yuan), the construction contract dispute case of lanhuayuan community in Beijing (the amount of litigation object is about 15 million yuan), etc .


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification


Working language

Chinese, English