Niu Yonghong




Niu Yonghong  1Beijing

Director of Executive Committee of Beijing Office


Professional direction

Arbitration Litigation, engineering construction


Educational background

Master of law, Renmin University of China, Arbitration Litigation and Engineering Construction

MBA, Tsinghua University


work experience

Niu Yonghong, once worked in a central enterprise. His practice areas are non-litigation and litigation services in the fields of construction engineering, PPP and international engineering.

The PPP and investment and financing projects provided by Lawyer Niu Yonghong mainly include a PPP project of a research  innovation park in Jiangsu (approximately 20 billion), a water supply concession project in Ningxia (approximately 10 billion), and a PPP project of an urban complex in Ziyang, Sichuan (approximately 50 billion) ; a PPP project of an urban complex in Tianjin, a tourism PPP project in Weihai, Shandong, a waste incineration power generation concession project in Nanchong, Sichuan, a biomass power generation investment project in Jilin, Dubai Palm Island Governor Hotel project financing, AVIC Yunhu Base Contract Energy Management project, China Aviation Construction Investment Chengde Sewage Treatment Plant project, etc.

Lawyer Niu has rich experience in litigation and arbitration. Some of the cases he has handled include a construction project contract dispute arbitration case in Shandong (subject 250 million), a photovoltaic power generation contract dispute arbitration case in Zhejiang (subject 140 million), and a construction project in Yili, Xinjiang (subject 100 million), a second-instance case of a construction project contract dispute in Hebei, a power station construction project contract arbitration case in Pakistan, a highway dispute arbitration case in Ethiopia, a highway construction project contract dispute case in Inner Mongolia, a photovoltaic power generation contract dispute in Hubei Case, Tianjin Binhai World Trade Wealth Center case, etc.

Lawyer Niu Yonghong has extensive experience in international engineering project management and legal services in Dubai, Qatar, Indonesia, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Pakistan, Abu Dhabi, Cuba, Mongolia, etc. Provided legal services for projects in more than ten countries.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification

Senior engineer

Level-one constructor

Fund qualification


Working language

Chinese, English