Wen Bijing




Wen Bijing  1Beijing

Senior partner


Professional direction

Financial capital and securities market


Educational background

Master of law, Peking University


Work experience

Ms. Wen Bijing is a partner of Beijing Jundu law firm. She has obtained a bachelor's degree from Xiamen University and a master's degree from Peking University. She has obtained the qualification certificate of securities lawyer issued by the Ministry of justice and China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Lawyer Wen Bijing has more than 20 years of work experience as a lawyer, mainly engaged in corporate shareholding reform, stock issuance and listing, corporate asset restructuring, corporate mergers and acquisitions, equity transfers, venture capital, real estate and other legal affairs. She has rich practical experience in the above-mentioned fields.

Lawyer Wen Bijing has handled the securities issuance, listing, acquisition and reorganization of many companies, such as a shopping mall company limited by shares, a science and technology company in Xi'an, a tourism company limited by shares, a group company in Xi'an, and a cement company in Jiangxi , A group company, a group company in China, a Tibet Industrial Co., Ltd., a Zhongx Industry Co., Ltd., a Hunan Paper Co., Ltd., etc. She served as the legal counsel of a number of companies, such as a Chinese Academy of Sciences, an Information Technology Co., Ltd., a Zhongx Enterprise Investment Company, a Beijing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., a Zhongx Industrial Co., Ltd., a Tibet Industrial Co., Ltd., An International Resources Co., Ltd. in Xinjiang.

She has extensive experience in shareholding system transformation, stock issuance plan design, work procedures, asset reorganization, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and handling company daily legal affairs.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification

Securities qualification certificate


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