Yu Jingqi




于竞琪  1北京Beijing

Senior partner


Professional direction

Securities market, financial capital


Educational background

Master of Laws, China University of Political Science and Law


Work experience

Ms. Yu Jingqi has been engaged in corporate asset restructuring, stock issuance and listing, corporate mergers and acquisitions, private equity investment, real estate, franchising, and anti-unfair competition legal affairs during her fourteen years of practice. She is good at dispute resolution in the above fields with solid theoretical foundation and rich experience in legal practice.

Ms.Yu is good at non-litigation legal services such as corporate mergers and acquisitions and securities finance. She has worked on the reform of equity division of a holding company in Dongguan, non-public issuance of stocks and corporate bonds by a paper company in Yueyang, major asset restructuring of Shanghai Xing Electric Co., Ltd., major asset restructuring of Chongqing Electric Power Industry Co., Ltd., etc. The project has provided special legal services, as well as private placement bonds and mergers and acquisitions financing of other non-listed companies.

Ms.Yu has also provided legal advisory services for many companies, including Zhongxun Industrial Co., Ltd., Chongqing Electric Power Industry Co., Ltd., Peking University Group, Tibet Industrial Co., Ltd., and Lvjie Technology Co., Ltd. , An International Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing Jianjian Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Century Technology Co., Ltd., etc., are now providing perennial legal consulting services for a Beijing Business Consulting Co., Ltd., etc., assisting clients in drafting and revising business activities. Involved in legal documents, participate in business negotiations on behalf of customers, provide daily legal consultations for customers, and handle litigation and arbitration cases for customers.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification


Working language

Chinese, English