Guo Li




Guo Li  1Shanghai

Senior partner


Professional direction

M & A, investment and financing trust, litigation and Arbitration


Educational background

Master of law, Department of law, East China University of political law

LLB, international economic law, China University of political science and law


Work experience

Mr. Guo has been a lawyer for more than 20 years since 1995. He has provided legal services to a number of financial institutions, participated in a number of large-scale asset management and trust projects, capital market projects, and has rich experience in non-litigation projects and litigation arbitration.

Lawyer Guo Li’s services in corporate mergers and acquisitions: MicroPort Medical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. shareholding reform project; Shanghai Xujiahui Mall (Group) Co., Ltd. restructuring project; Weiya's acquisition of Wuhan Securities; Great Wall Aluminum's acquisition of Zhuhai Xinguang project; Dunhuang Seed Industry (600354) equity split reform project in 2006; Ordos (600295) additional issuance project in 2007 ; Liangmianzhen (600249) acquisition and reorganization of Jiekang Sucralose in 2007; Liangmianzhen acquired the Qili Pharmaceutical project;

Investment, financing and trust projects include:  Xiaoshan Dongpian large-scale sewage treatment plant BT project; Shanghai International Trust Xizang South Road Tunnel BOT project bidding; Shenxin Hucheng property investment project (scale: 200 million yuan); Huiyi financial management series of Bank of Shanghai - Gangcheng project (scale: 1 billion yuan); Shanghai investment home south Taihu Lake real estate equity investment trust plan (scale: 150 million yuan); industrial bank equity beneficial investment plan (scale: 95 million yuan); Shanghai North waterworks single trust loan (scale: 400 million yuan); CITIC Hangzhou Branch credit asset package transfer plan (scale: 1 billion yuan); Baicheng green grid connected power sale asset beneficial right single fund trust (special purpose property trust); Sansheng Hongye asset beneficial right investment collective fund trust plan (scale: 250 million yuan); Aijian Bailian Hongkou shopping center collective fund trust plan (scale: 240 million yuan); Xuhui Plaza asset beneficial right collective fund Trust plan (scale: 560 million yuan); Wantai Huarui structured securities collective fund trust plan (scale: 150 million yuan); Shaanxi Guotou Chongqing International Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. partial equity usufruct investment collective fund trust plan; Baoji group asset usufruct investment collective fund trust plan; Huali family equity usufruct investment collective fund trust plan (financing scale: 2 China Minsheng Bank and Shanghai Trust Bank of Communications credit asset transfer single fund trust, financing scale of 2 billion yuan; Shanghai rural commercial bank equity beneficial investment (Greenland Group I) collective fund trust; Greenland Meilong town · new metropolis asset beneficial investment collective fund trust plan; Yitai Anbang commercial street lease beneficial trust priority beneficial transfer investment plan It also signed legal opinions for Zhongtai trust to issue Zhenjiang urban investment trust products.

Since his practice, Guo Li has dealt with many major and difficult commercial, bankruptcy management and financial cases, including the contract dispute between a hotel in Wuxi and a science and Technology City in Changzhou, the joint venture contract dispute between a railway bureau and a service company in Wuxi, the administrative litigation between a district government in Shanghai and Jinlian company, the contract dispute between a mall group company in Shanghai and the general contract of reclaimed water, and a pharmaceutical company The case includes: the civil case of labor dispute of limited company; the case of loan between Hangzhou Office of an asset management company in China and Pudong Zhehai company; the case of copyright dispute between Zhongchang head office and Zhai Guang; the case of trademark infringement by Weiqian; the case of lease dispute between an international catering company and Huaiyin Qingjiang mall; the case of lease dispute between an international catering company and Zhenjiang Hualian; the case of real estate development company in Nanjing and a real estate company in Nanjing Industrial and trade arbitration case; Zhejiang securities entrusted financing case; Wuhan Securities and Liu entrusted financing case; a trust illegally absorbing public deposits case (subject amount: 3.5 billion); Wuxi Hongshan project land dispute case; a trust and a Securities equity pledge dispute case; a Securities equity pledge repurchase dispute case; foreign citizens accused of defrauding the government venture capital case.


Industry action

Since 2013, he has been engaged in the work of arbitrators, successively served as arbitrators of Shanghai Arbitration Commission, Chongqing Arbitration Commission and other arbitration institutions, participated in more than 100 arbitration cases, and served as the sole arbitrator or chief arbitrator in a large number of cases, and has rich experience in case adjudication.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification

Qualification of securities lawyer in China


Working language

Chinese, English