Lv Xiaolin




Lv Xiaolin  1Shanghai

Senior partner


Professional direction

Company investment and financing, patent law, construction engineering


Educational background

Master of computer science and engineering, Fudan University

Master of law, China University of Political Science and Law


Work experience

Lawyer Lv Xiaolin is good at corporate investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, and is proficient in major dispute resolution in the corporate field. Attorney Lv Xiaolin has both patent attorney qualifications and securities practice qualifications, and he has extensive experience in handling consulting services and other extended services for high-tech companies.

Lawyer Lv Xiaolin's typical performance: acting for a French luxury brand in suing Lin, Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd., and Wu in trademark infringement disputes, and was selected as a case in the Supreme People's Court Gazette; Acting for a bank China Phase II Fund suing a Hong Kong In the company's private equity investment contract dispute case, the entire case was won; five years before the promulgation of the Property Rights Law, he represented a Jiangsu client in suing all disputes on the exterior wall division of the property. Under the premise that the legislation did not involve the division of buildings at the time, he won the case based on legal knowledge Won the lawsuit and received multiple reports from local TV stations and high praise from local courts.

Lawyer Lv Xiaolin served as the general legal counsel for the civil engineering/mechanical and electrical construction general contracting project of the Sanya Atlantis Hotel project. The project won the Italian 2018-2019 Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Design category silver award, which is the highest level of my country's engineering projects to receive this award honor.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification

Qualification of patent agent in China

China securities qualification


Working language