Shen Xinli




Shen Xinli  1Shanghai

Senior partner


Professional direction

Company law, labor and personnel disputes, criminal administrative, civil and commercial disputes


Educational background

Bachelor of law, East China University of Political Science and Law


Work experience

Before practicing, Shen Xinli worked in Shanghai public security system for more than ten years and obtained the senior law enforcement qualification certificate from the Ministry of public security. After working in the lawyer industry, she served as the perennial legal adviser of many large and well-known enterprises in China. Lawyer Shen has rich experience in the field of litigation business, especially in the field of labor disputes and criminal administration. She has handled a number of major, difficult and complex cases and achieved good results. Lawyer Shen is especially good at combining the past practical experience and using outstanding logical thinking ability to provide professional services for clients. Lawyer Shen participated in handling the first high-speed motorcycle prohibition case in Shanghai, and her opinions were supported by the court.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification

Senior law enforcement qualification certificate of Ministry of public security


Working language