Zhao Jun




zhaojun  1Shanghai

Senior partner


Professional direction

Cross-border investment, mergers and acquisitions, equity structure, foreign-related dispute resolution


Educational background

Bachelor of Laws,University of International Business and Economics School of Law

Ministry of Justice Chinese Young Lawyers Training Program in the UK (2009-2010) University of London Master of Laws in the UK and EU


Work experience

Lawyer Zhao Jun specializes in: foreign direct investment; overseas investment; cross-border mergers and acquisitions; equity structure; foreign-related dispute resolution. Ms. Zhao Jun has worked in a number of large law firms, engaged in project financing, foreign direct investment, foreign mergers and acquisitions, mainly providing legal services for multinational companies in China joint ventures, sole proprietorships, acquisitions and overseas listings of domestic entities. The scope of work includes : Project structure design and program demonstration; legal due diligence; drafting transaction documents and issuing legal opinions.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification


Working language

Chinese, English