Wang Lewen




Wang Lewen  1Beijing



Professional direction

Financial capital, securities business


Educational background

University of Edinburgh School of Law


Work experience

Ms. Wang Lewen is currently the Deputy Secretary-General of the Financial Legal Risk Prevention Research Center of the Beijing Financial Risk Management Institute. She has worked in private equity, investment and mergers and acquisitions and capital markets for nearly ten years and has extensive legal experience.

In the field of private equity funds, she has provided legal services for many companies, including fund establishment, fundraising, filing, foreign investment, post-investment management, liquidation, etc.; In addition, she is also familiar with private equity investment funds, private equity investment funds, real estate funds and other laws, regulations. 

In the field of investment and mergers and acquisitions, she has provided legal services such as transaction structure design, legal due diligence, transaction document drafting and negotiation for many large central enterprises and well-known listed companies.

In the field of capital markets, she has provided legal services such as domestic listing, Hong Kong listing, overseas bond issuance for many large-scale well-known listed companies.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification


Working language

Chinese, English