Zheng Xueyu




Zheng Xueyu  1Shanghai



Professional direction

Corporate business, real estate investment


Educational background

Master of Law,East China University of Political Science and Law 


Work experience

Ms. Zheng Xueyu has ten years of experience as a lawyer and has accumulated rich legal experience in the field of civil and commercial litigation and arbitration. Ms. Zheng's main practice areas include construction projects and real estate, labor disputes, personal injury and infringement.

Ms. Zheng is the warehousing lawyer for a certain aircraft design and research institute of COMAC, and serves as the legal counsel for more than ten enterprises including a Shanghai Asset Management Co., Ltd. She represented or participated in the equity restructuring and debt restructuring of Haiyu Real Estate in a certain place in Jiangsu, the acquisition and restructuring of a real estate project in Jinhua, and the listing of the new third board. She is also familiar with corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, equity transfers and other fields. 

1. Representing a Japanese company in the "Ultraman" copyright dispute, and the case was rated as one of the top ten intellectual property cases announced by the Supreme People's Court;
2. Representing as a dispute over a creditor's rights assignment contract between a Changshu Art Asset Management, Shanghai Moujia Business Consulting, and Jiangsu Moudu Garment Industry;
3. Representing a Chinese group Hainan Boao Affiliated Hospital Co., Ltd. in a construction contract dispute between Nantong Xing Engineering Co., Ltd.
4. Representing a Shanghai Insurance Broker  in a labor dispute case with its employees;
5. Representing a travel contract dispute between Xu and Shanghai Mouxiang Network Technology ;
6. Representing a property insurance company Shanghai branch in a motor vehicle traffic accident liability dispute;
7. Representing a Liu and Shanghai Mouge Catering Co., Ltd. in disputes over health rights and physical rights;
8. Representing Zhang and a bathing management in a liability dispute for breach of security obligations.

Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification


Working language

Chinese, English