Deng Yichun




Deng Yichun  1Beijing

Senior partner


Professional direction

Engineering real estate, arbitration and litigation


Educational background

Master of international finance, University of International Business and Economics


Work experience

She has more than ten years of rich experience in legal affairs such as construction engineering, real estate development, company merger and acquisition, disposal of non-performing assets, asset restructuring, corporate governance, etc.

The clients served by Ms. Deng Yichun are mostly large state-owned enterprises and well-known listed companies.

Litigation: a construction contract dispute between an urban development department and a construction company; a bank’s non-performing asset disposal dispute;a construction contract dispute between a Luoyangreal estate development company and a construction company;a construction contract dispute between a construction company and a Beijing real estate development company;a large number of litigation and arbitration cases including disputes over a gold mine acquisition contract between a group and Liao.

Non litigation: acquisition of Beijing Chang'an Dijing project; acquisition of a company in Suizhong; acquisition of equity of a real estate project in Huairou, Beijing; disposal of non-performing assets of an asset management company, etc.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification


Working language

Chinese, English