Cao Ning




Cao Ning  1Shanghai



Professional direction

Capital market, real estate investment


Educational background

Master of Laws, Liaoning University 


Work experience

Ms. Cao Ning has more than 10 years of government work and investment banking experience in securities companies. She has worked in a district tax bureau in Shanghai, a municipal agency in Shanghai, the investment banking department of a joint securities company, and a securities company Investment Banking Department. Ms. Cao has extensive experience in company system design, shareholding structure design, counseling and restructuring, NEEQ listing, corporate listing, mergers and acquisitions, tax planning services, due diligence, etc.

Ms. Cao Ning once provided special legal services for a large-scale catering company’s restaurant leasing project; perennial legal adviser for a Zhen Technology Co., Ltd.; perennial legal adviser for a group in China; perennial legal adviser for a lake property; Beibei B-share management buyout and tender offer independent financial advisory project, Hyundai Huan Technology Co., Ltd. acquisition project, certain Yuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. private placement project, XX Technology Co., Ltd. IPO project; a state-owned asset acquisition in Fujian Province Listed company projects; a dispute over a house lease contract between a state-owned asset management company, a subdistrict office in Shanghai and a tenant; a dispute over a house lease contract between a development zone in Shanghai and the tenant, etc.


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification

Certified Tax Agent Qualification

Securities qualification

Fund practice qualification


Working language

Chinese, English