Hu Bin




Lawyer introduction

Professional direction

Financial securities and corporate business


Educational background

Master of law, Nanjing University

LLB, international economic law, China University of Political Science and Law


Work experience

Mr.Hu once worked for a food import and export group company in Jiangsu Province. From 2002 to 2018, Beijing Weiheng (Shanghai) law firm was established and served as the director; in June 2018, Shanghai Shenglian law firm was reorganized and served as the director.

Mr.Hu has been practicing for more than 20 years and has accumulated rich legal experience in the fields of enterprise merger and acquisition, construction engineering and real estate, company equity transfer, international trade, etc. Lawyer Hu is good at in-depth understanding of customers' legal and commercial needs, and his outstanding performance in solving difficult and complex legal problems has won wide recognition of customers. Hu also applies his experience in dispute resolution to legal consultation, not only providing clients with full process legal services such as negotiation, due diligence, document drafting and legal compliance analysis, but also providing clients with overall legal protection strategies.


Social service

- Part time government legal adviser of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

- Graduate tutor of Law School of East China Normal University

- Adjunct professor, School of law, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

- Law enforcement supervisor of politics and Law Commission of Changning District Party committee of Shanghai Municipality

- Member of legal expert database of Shanghai Changning District Committee of the Communist Party of China

- President of Shanghai Changning District Legal Service Association

- Deputy to the 15th National People's Congress of Changning District, Shanghai, member of the internal affairs committee;

- Deputy to the 16th National People's Congress and member of the Legislative Affairs Commission of Changning District, Shanghai;

- Member of legal expert database of Shanghai Changning District Committee of CPC;

- Arbitrator of Nanchang Arbitration Commission


Professional qualification

PRC lawyer qualification

The founding partner of Jundu law firm, graduated from China University of political science and law, majoring in international economic law, with a master's degree in law from Nanjing University. The main practice areas are civil and commercial dispute resolution, company law, enterprise merger, restructuring, share transfer and other company legal business; real estate development and project transfer, construction engineering, commercial housing sales, property management and other real estate legal business; economic civil litigation and arbitration; international trade dispute litigation and arbitration, etc.