Financial Market

Jundu lawyers provide legal services for enterprise engaging in capital market financing, we assist enterprises in shareholding reformation of proposed listed companies, issuance of shares in domestic and overseas (IPO), restructuring (including restructuring of state-owned enterprises), reorganization (including shell listing), equity transfer, asset acquisition, and issuance of bonds (including convertible bonds, corporate bonds, short-term financing bonds, etc.) of listed and non-listed companies.


◈Types of Practice

  • Fund establishment, financing and compliance
  • Private equity investment
  • Corporate restructuring and property rights transaction business
  • Capital market and corporate financing legal services
  • Fund establishment, financing and compliance
  • Private Equity Investment
  • Equity Business
  • Bond business


◈Specific Service

1.Stock business
We assist enterprises to issue shares and go public at home and abroad, providing full legal services on the issuance and listing of shares, equity buybacks and convertible bonds, including: drafting and reviewing relevant legal documents; providing legal advice on major legal issues; answering legal inquiries; issuing legal opinions according to relevant regulatory requirements, etc.
2.Bond business
The legal services provided in bond business mainly focus on the review of bond issuance, including the legal review of bond issuance subjects, issuance procedures, legality of issuance documents, substantive conditions of bond issuance and major legal matters and potential legal risks, and issuance of legal opinions, etc.
3. Fund business
We assist management institutions in designing fund raising plans; assisting in setting up private equity funds and various investment funds; providing internal governance and team motivation legal services for private equity fund management companies; assisting in resolving investment disputes, etc.
For angel investment, venture capital (VC), private equity (PE) investment to Pre-IPO investment and strategic investment, from the start-up stage to the listing of various rounds and various types of financing, Jundu can provide comprehensive and professional legal services.



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