Our practice in the realm of construction covers the entire life-cycle of a construction project, including project bidding, contracts, claims, cost, quality appraisal, and dispute resolution. Jundu lawyers have provided one-stop legal consultancy services for a range of major infrastructure cases, such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge construction, the No. 1 Xiong'an New District project, the Citizen Service Centre project, the Beijing Daxing Airport project, and the China Zun project.  | Category of projects covered by Jundu: 1. Large scale basic infrastructural projects including airports, undergrounds, bridges, tunnels, roads, telecom. 2. Energy and power, nuclear-electric zone and industrial infrastructures alike. 3.Landmark constructions including major commercial landmarks, museums, and exhibition centres. 


◈Types of Practice

  • Construction Investment and Financing Legal Services
  • Construction Bidding Legal Services
  • Construction Survey and Design
  • Engineering general contracting (EPC)


◈Legal Services

  • Construction General
  • Contracting Process
  • Construction Claims
  • Construction settlement and audit legal services
  • International Construction contract risk control legal service
  • International Construction Dispute Arbitration


Outstanding achievement