Securities legal business refers to the securities business activities of law firms, such as issuing, listing and trading securities, entrusted by the parties


Engineering construction is the core business and advantage field of Jundu law firm, and Jundu lawyer relies on the industry practice behind him...

Financial Market

Jun Du provides legal services for the financing of the capital market of enterprises and for the joint-stock reform of the companies to be listed...

Real Estate

It involves all links in the process of real estate development and infrastructure construction, such as the first level development of project land


Dispute resolution legal service is one of the most advantageous, powerful and competitive business fields of Jundu

Intellectual Property

Focus on intellectual property legal services, especially in Internet security, network intellectual property and intellectual property litigation legal services

International Business

Jundu lawyers provide customized legal service support according to the differentiated needs of foreign business customers.

Comprehensive Legal Consultancy

Comprehensive legal business is one of the main businesses of the firm. Jundu has provided and is providing comprehensive legal services for many famous companies and enterprises at home and abroad,